What We Do Best.

Hepster Designs, Ink is a full service graphic design company specializing in custom cards and invitations, logo creation, branding, web presence, sign design and building. We look forward to working with new people and solving challenging visual problems.

In an era of web domination, we can’t forget the value of the physical world of design.  A card, invitation, or mailer reminds people that you are thinking of them or that they should be thinking of you.  Your logo attracts attention and tells a potential client that you are creative, unique, and a little about why that matters.  A  sign in front of a business or organization tells people where you are and what you do.  The ancient art of trading business cards may generate more business for you than a mailer.  Remember to be positive and confident in your interactions with potential clients and collaborators and shake hands after the business card exchange.  Oh, yeah, we can design your business cards, too.

And when you succumb to the Web, a clean, creative, and enticing design will help you promote yourself, your business, or your organization.  But, it may not always be the most important design you invest in.  Our portfolio exists more in the physical world than the Web, but we do it all very well.

The list of design programs we are very comfortable with include: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, Power Point, Keynote, InDesign, iWeb, WordPress.com and WordPress.org, SketchUp 8 (3D modeling), and iMovie to name a few.

Below is a short portfolio of work we have designed or collaborated on.  Please enjoy the imagery and contact us if we can help you meet your needs.

Birthday Invitation

"Birthday Invitation" ©2009, Ken Morrill, Jr.

"Freedom Baptist Church of Greenville"

WU Logos and Penguin

"Will and Uriah Logo"

WINGs Sign

"WINGs Sign"

eViolin Teacher Background

eViolin Teacher Background



mySors Hyper iTools Concept Design

"mySors Hyper iTools Concept" ©2010, Ken Morrill Jr.

MobilPort Logo

"MobilPort Logo Concept" ©2011, Ken Morrill, Jr.

Baldeck's Bees Honey

"Baldeck's Bees Label" ©2011, Ken Morrill, Jr.

Baldeck's Bees Package Concept

"Baldeck's Bees Package Concept" ©2011, Ken Morrill, Jr.

Baldeck's Bees Package Design

"Baldeck's Bees Package Design" ©2011, Ken Morrill, Jr.

XLNT Tea Package and Ad Concept

"XLNT Tea Package and Ad Concept" ©2011, Ken Morrill, Jr.

iPod Touch Color

iPod Touch Color Concept






iPod Touch Colors

iPod Touch/iPhone Colors








While these are just a few of our designs at Hepster, we have accomplished much more.

Contact Hepster to learn more about our passion for print, digital, and web design.


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