Welcome to Hepster Designs, Ink.

The Hepster Designs, Ink. logo.

The Hepster Designs, Ink. logo.

Welcome to the official web window into the world of Hepster Designs, Ink.  My name is Ken and I’ll be your guide through this wacky portal of artistry.

My passion for fine art, graphic design, illustration, and technology has lead me to create this blog.  Please browse the multitude of designs, design styles, and illustrations this site is overflowing with.  If you would be so kind, leave comments whether they’re good, bad, or uglies.  Don’t listen to your grandmother in this instance, I need to grow as an artist somehow.

If you would like to interact more directly with me, lets be facebook friends.  Or you could just e-mail me: hepstercardsink@gmail.com.

Hepster Designs, Ink.
Simpsonville, SC 29680

One thought on “Welcome to Hepster Designs, Ink.

  1. Awesome job. It looks like a great deal of work went in to the design and set up of the site. It also seems to be a labor of love.

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