Summer-time Party Invitations

"Pig Roast Invitation"

"Bithday Party Pig Roast" ©2010, Ken Morrill Jr.

If you have a July birthday, a 4th of July pig roast may be just what you need… unless you refrain from ingesting meat.  As you can see, Hepster Cards is adept at creating your odd summer celebrations invitations.

High School Graduation

"High School Dunce" ©2010, Ken Morrill Jr.

So your dunce of a kid finally graduated.  Congratulations!  You never thought he’d get out of high school… or your house for that matter.  Now you need to invite people to celebrate.  Hepster Cards can help you do that in a manner that tells the truth (about your less than intelligent child) and rubs it into the faces of the people who told you it would never happen.  Enjoy the party.


3 thoughts on “Summer-time Party Invitations

  1. I especially like the dunce graduation invite. HAHA I can’t believe he’s old enough to graduate. I wonder what kind of sticker I’ll get for this. Can I have one of you and the dogs? Love ya. Congrats on the reopening of your cite.

    • No, you may not have one of the dogs and I. Unless I draw it. You may only get a sticker that is my own artwork! Who do you think you are. Oh yeah, my wife. You can have what ever you want.

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