SEEC 2010 Logo (GA Tech).

Sure, I’ve created tons of logos.  I’ve created the Hepster Design’s logo and pasted him all over this blog.  Until today, I’ve never seen any of my logo designs on someone else’s website.  Let’s crack open a bottle of shaken champagne and spray it all over the place in celebration.  I have linked to the website in the blogroll below, too.

SEEC Website

"SEEC 2010 Website"

This is the new logo for the  Georgia Institute of Technology chapter of the Southeastern Ecology and Evolution Conference.  My friend, the president of the student chapter, asked me if I could come up with an image for them.  Can I come up with an image?  That’s like asking Donald Trump if he can make money, or Bruce Springstein if he can make music.  That’s like asking if Darwin can turn monkeys into man… wait, I just created a logo for the evolution club at GA Tech.  Faux pas!… and just kidding.

I doubt anyone needs to be told this, but I spelled out “SEEC” in the shape of the Darwin fish.  My thought was that by using the existing logo, I could bank on people’s knowledge of Darwin to help visually describe the objectives of the group.  It worked.  The group seems to like the final product from concept to image.


2 thoughts on “SEEC 2010 Logo (GA Tech).

  1. As Nick’s roommate, officemate, president of vice for BEERS, and co-chair of SEEC 2010, I commend you. The logo is simple and bad-ass. My dad donated a hundred dollars just to get a t-shirt after seeing the logo. Thanks for your great work.

  2. Zach,
    I commend you both for running for such an esteemed office as Vice Pres of BEER and for promoting your cause with awesome looking t-shirts. It was my pleasure to design the logo for you guys. Enjoy showing them off.

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