Hepster is Officially in the Business of Fashion Design!

You heard correctly friends.  We are now officially in the business of designing the cloths you will wear in the future.  If we play our cards right, as it appears we have, the world will be clothed in the designs you’ve come to love and cherish.  With a line of four different shoes, made with quality by Ked’s, and a few different t-shirt designs, we are on our way to clothing you from toe to head.  We’ve never been much into the trucker hat look for teens and college kids (thanks to people like Ashton Kutcher and Justin Beeber), so we probably won’t be dressing your heads.

If you would like to catch the craze, head over to our Zazzle store here or click the banner bellow the image of our cool new shoes.

If you do, in fact, purchase some cool Hep-wear, please e-mail or text a pic of yourself pleasing your on-lookers with our visually stunning awesomeness (combined with your impeccable good looks) to hepstercardsink@gmail.com or 585-545-0033.  We’d love to post them here on the internet (so all your friends and future friends can see how well you dress).


Hepster's New Shoes

"Hepster's New Shoes" ©2010, Ken Morrill Jr

Hepster Shoes

Hepster Shoes at our Zazzle Store

Funny T-Shirts


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