CLOUD Surfer

Cloud Surfer

"Cloud Surfer" ©2010, Ken Morrill, Jr

"Cloud Surfer tilted" ©2010. Ken Morrill, Jr.

"Cloud Surfer tilted" ©2010. Ken Morrill, Jr.

"Cloud Surfer Web Browser & Tool Bar" ©2010, Ken Morrill, Jr.

While the Cloud Surfer is not  tablet, it illustrates the future of personal media creation and consumption.  The web holds dynamic possibilities for our digital future.  The real deal so far seems to be the iPad, but what will come next?  Are we destined for tablets?  What range will they come in and what will their capabilities be?  Will the programs and apps we use be native or cloud based?  If they are cloud based, how will we “own” them?  How will we use them if we do not have access to the cloud?  Perhaps Google is working on the constant internet access question even as we speak.

With the recent global sales expansion of the iPad, I was wondering how close to cloud life we are.  The more capable our mobile computing technology becomes, the more in demand cloud-based apps and storage will become.  I played with an iPad the other day to try to upload a Pages document to Google Docs… I was a bit disappointed.  I was both unable to upload and download and read files.  I certainly do not want to pay for use of iDisk space from Apple, and the iPad does not have a very big hard drive.  The output options are currently very limited unless you upgrade to the 64GB version.

As I played with the beautiful piece of digital technology, I dreamed of all the wonderful toys it was missing.  I also dreamed of the near future of cloud culture.  Our entertainment sources are quickly (although not quickly enough) becoming more internet based rather than relying on large corporate suppliers of media to void our brains of open thought and comic relief.  I am, as I said in the iPad post, more of a content creator than a content consumer.  I need a digital camera, adept native digital imaging, music, and video editing software, etc, etc.  You know, all the stuff Apple does expertly, but neglected to put in the current iPad.

I ask you to dream with me and let our favorite digital hardware makers know your dreams so we might see them on the shelves of our favorite local tech vendors.  The cloud is quickly approaching. I want to be able to access it’s splendor with a multimedia creator and consumer machine.


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