Bird-Themed Cards

Blue Bird

"Blue Bird" ©2010, Ken Morrill Jr.

For the Birds (Green)

"For the Birds" ©2009, Ken Morrill Jr.

For the Birds (Purple)

"For the Birds 2" ©2009, Ken Morrill Jr.

"Blue Heron".  bird.  greeting card.

"Blue Heron" ©2010, Ken Morrill Jr.

For the Birds: Cardinal

"Cardinal" ©2010, Ken Morrill, Jr.

I’ve been working a lot lately with bird themes.  About a year and a half ago I designed women’s hand bags with various birds silk-screened on them.  A short time after that, I designed my first blank bird-themed greeting card.  The top image is another that I finished up today.  I’ll have more to add soon.  Let me know what you think so I know whether or not to keep working on them.


5 thoughts on “Bird-Themed Cards

  1. The new bird series I am working on is in the style of “Blue Bird”. I am excited to use a Japanese calligraphy brush style and custom made patterns in Photoshop to create highly stylized images of wild life.

  2. I just finished the blue heron. I was inspired by the water birds I saw at Hilton Head Island this past week on vacation. Also, I live on Blue Heron Circle… it sort of fits many aspects of my life. I remember seeing a huge flock of these birds in a field in Caledonia, NY about 10 years ago. I had never seen such huge birds in a tight group like that. I was riding my bike down a back road at sun set and I saw the whole flock fly into the trees and perch. They looked like pteranodons from the Cretaceous period. It was an amazing sight.

  3. I just showed Dad. We both agree that the blue heron is our favorite. Keep up the awesome designs!!! 😉

  4. I love the “For the Birds 2” design. I think it’s the splatter paint in the background that got me, but I do love the colors too. The Blue Heron is without a doubt pretty sweet, for more than one reason, of course. 😉

    • Thank you Alyssa. I’m flattered by the specific comment. That is exactly the kind of feedback I’m looking for. You deserve two stickers. Let me know which you would like and I’ll bring them over on Thursday. I may see you before that, in which case, you may have them when they are printed. Thanks again.

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