CHUBBY’S Series 1


"CHUBBY'S BBQ Burger" ©2009 Hepster Designs, Ink.

“CHUBBY’S BBQ Burgers” is one image in a new series I have been working on entitled “CHUBBY’S”. They are designed to inspire laughter and cheer in the viewers of the series. The characters are all inspired by a west coast burger-chain mascot, though they will each be different in their face, color scheme, and demeanor. They will play various roles on their own and fill in for figures in historic works of art. For instance, three CHUBBIES will be placed on grass in a wooded, park area. One will be naked in the foreground, and two will be clothed on a picnic blanket. They, of course, will be playing “Luncheon on the Grass” by Manet. Laughter should follow a viewers initial sighting of the image.  And if that doesn’t do it for you, wait ’til you see what I do with “Guernica” by Picasso.  Let me know what you think.

P.S. CHUBBY’S stickers and t-shirts will be available soon.


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