A Hodge-Podge of Love-Inspired Cards

I’ve been quite inspired over the last few weeks to get some more designs done for Hepster Cards.  Below are three finished designs ranging from anniversary to halloween cards.  As usual, I like to play with modern trends to get people to smile.  I think we all know which saga I am spoofing in the Halloween card.  Enjoy.

"Cats", "paws", "love", "anniversary card", "kitten", "hepster"

"I can't Wait to Get My Paws on You!" ©2010, Ken Morrill, Jr.

"Valentine's Day card",  "Makin' Love", Inside reads "This Valentine's Day, Let's Keep Cupid Busy!"

"Let's Keep Cupid Busy" ©2010, Ken Morrill, Jr.

"vampire", "warewolf", "halloween", "choice"

"You Choose" ©2010, Ken Morrill, Jr. Inside reads "Either way, happy Halloween!"


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