Hepster Designs Custom Snowboard Graphics

Hepster's Custom Snowboard GraphicsOrange Cruise BoardYeti BoardPurple Phase BoardWe have always loved to race face first down steep hills in soft snow on a single piece of fiberglass, wood, and resin.  Now, we’d like to make that “board” much prettier for our fellow snowboarders.  We’ve decided to start making one-size-fits-all custom graphics for snowboards.

If you prefer not to be the douche who’s board is constantly being made fun of, then these vinyl graphics will at least make you look cool.  We promise, no one will think for a second that you are just a huge poser.

Each graphic will be printed on 65″x14″ vinyl decals which can be applied to the top surface of any snowboard.  You may or may not want to scuff the surface.  Pricing will be the same for all sizes in that all vinyl will be the same size.

For now, these graphics will be custom order.  As we get business and find outlets for the graphics, we’ll begin selling them in greater quantities as in-store products.  A PDF catalogue and ordering form will be posted shortly so you too can look unique and AWESOME this winter at your favorite ski and snowboard location.

How to Purchase these Custom Snowboard Graphics:

Click on the Snowboard Graphic (SBG) of your choice below to purchase.

Buy Now

Cotton Candy SBG

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Orange Cruise SBG

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Beware of the Yeti SBG






Send Check or Money Order of $75 (including Shipping and Handling) to:

Ken Morrill @ Hepster Designs, Ink
308 Blue Heron Circle
Simpsonville SC 29680
(please enclose a note with the name ot the Custom Graphic you would like, your name, shipping address, phone # and e-mail address)

Directions for Application of your Hepster Custom Snowboard Graphic:

1.  Remove the bindings from your snowboard.

2.  Wash your snowboard thoroughly with soap, water, and degreaser.  Allow to dry completely.

3.  Peel a strip of backing off of the middle of the graphic.

4.  Place your Custom Graphic on the board so the ends of the graphic cover the tips of your board.

5.  Apply the top section of the Custom Graphic to the top tip of your snow board by slowly pulling the backing off as you go up.  Be sure to place it so it will align with the entire snowboard.  Also, to avoid air bubbles, apply even pressure across the entire surface of the Custom Graphic with your hand or a squeegee.

6.  Follow step 5 for the bottom of the graphic toward the opposite end of the board.  Remember to apply even pressure across the entire surface of your Custom Graphic.

7.  Allow the Custom Graphic to sit for 24 hours.

8.  Re-install your bindings.

9.  Practice your responses to the compliments you are going to receive at your favorite snow resort.


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