Billboards You’ll Never See Along the Roadside

Olympia by Manet

"Censoring a Censored Olympia" Ken Morrill, Jr © 2010


"MADE IN CHINA" Ken Morrill, Jr © 2010

I was having some fun with Photoshop and SketchUp.  Both programs are fun and SketchUp is free!  I used Manet’s Olympia to create a billboard expressing shame in both the human figure and censorship.  I don’t care if you just enjoy the aesthetic quality of the image or if you feel the need to delve into the deeper concept of shame and censorship as long as you enjoy looking at the image.  I just thought the idea of the Dickies clothing company marketing primarily to the working class, but producing their clothing in Asia for cheap labor was funny in a sad way.  I don’t laugh out loud about it, just chuckle at the irony in my mind.

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About Ken Morrill

I am, and always have been, an artist. I love a challenge I can solve in far out, creative ways. Dabbling in all forms of art has been what I do, but I've always been a greeting card designer. I believe that greeting cards help people bond over long distances, communicate complex feeling enhanced with an illustration, and share a laugh when it's most needed. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the view.

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