Electric Marilyn

Electric Marilyn

"Electric Marilyn" ©2010, Ken Morrill, Jr.

I have finally broken my dry streak and gotten back into digital fine art and graphic design.  I colorized an old picture of my wife’s grandmother the other day and become inspired.  Today I decided to grab an image of Marilyn and electric-candy color her just to get some more practice.  I used Photoshop and about a billion layers to get this effect.  I admit, it isn’t my best work, but sometimes you just need to have fun.   Stay tuned for more electric-candy stars!

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About Ken Morrill

I am, and always have been, an artist. I love a challenge I can solve in far out, creative ways. Dabbling in all forms of art has been what I do, but I've always been a greeting card designer. I believe that greeting cards help people bond over long distances, communicate complex feeling enhanced with an illustration, and share a laugh when it's most needed. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the view.

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