CHUBBY’S Series Statement

CHUBBY'S Series  ©2009 Hepster Designs, Ink.

CHUBBY'S Series ©2009 Hepster Designs, Ink.

The CHUBBY’S Series is based on a west coast burger chain mascot. They are created through both traditional fine art and digital imaging/graphic design techniques. The process begins with a hand drawn character.  A set of eyes,nose, mouth , and hair are drawn separately from each character in varied groups. Each separate image is scanned into Photoshop, darkened, then saved as individual files which is, later, collaged with the character. The process continues in Photoshop by adding color, drop shadows, and tattoos (which are also drawn and scanned separately).

Backgrounds are based on the character’s personality. The background helps place the character into the context of whatever his, her, or it’s world might be.  They are a mixture of pure Photoshop creations and some hand-drawn elements.  As in real life, the backgrounds in this series help define the characters associated with them as environmental factors in their “lives”.

The final step in the CHUBBY’S process is printing. It doesn’t make much sense to fix these images in any other form than laser prints. Fine art papers have been chosen to support the images in order to preserve the final product and add some semblance of fine artistry to the process for those who do not believe in a hybrid fine art-graphic design. Adding still to that tried and true hybrid, a custom frame surrounds each 11″x17″ laser print. The frame, as a reminder that these are graphic in nature, is made of fiberglass molded in a custom form and spray painted.

When a viewer visually explores each print, he or she should be found wearing a smile or even an uncomfortable grin. The series is not meant to ask the viewer to question the complixities of the world we inhabit, but to enjoy it’s odd beauty and slightly twisted humor. Please bear your teeth to these characters in the most fitting manner.

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About Ken Morrill

I am, and always have been, an artist. I love a challenge I can solve in far out, creative ways. Dabbling in all forms of art has been what I do, but I've always been a greeting card designer. I believe that greeting cards help people bond over long distances, communicate complex feeling enhanced with an illustration, and share a laugh when it's most needed. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the view.

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