What I’m hoping for from Apple’s Mobile Devices

iPod Nano G7

iPod Nano G7

As we Apple fans still mourn the loss of Steve Jobs, I thought it would be nice to pay him tribute with a thank you for inspiring me to help create the world around me rather than letting others dictate it to me.  Mr. Jobs, Jony Ive, and the entire Apple team have created amazing products for decades.  They make machines feel like parts of the family.  They make them beautiful and fun to use.  They make them fashion accessories.

Because I know they are always looking to make customers care more about Apple, below are some renditions of iPods I hope to see soon (Apple is not affiliated with these renderings).

An iPod Touch is not quite in my budget, but the iPod Nano lost some great features in G6.  As a middle school visual arts and design teacher, I’d like to use mobile technology much more in and out of the classroom with my students.  My needs include video and photography capabilities, WiFi and  BlueTooth capability, portable storage, MP3 and video playback, touch screen, QR code scanning, and so much more within a single device.  My 5th generation iPod Nano has pretty much kicked the bucket after being washed, smashed in the bottom of my wife’s purse, and enduring an LCD crack or two.  I miss being able to film in HD on that iPod and play video and podcasts for myself and for my students.  I would love to get those features back in a lower cost device.

Let me start by saying I am no Jony Ive.  That man is as great a genius as Steve Jobs.  He has more industrial design intelligence and talent in a single cell than I have in my entire body.  I do try, though, using the same 3D design program I teach my students on.  Google SketchUp 8 fits the budget as a free download and works wonders (at least at the middle school level).  Please enjoy my renderings as I offer them up to the gods of Apple.  I hope Apple hears my cries and fills in some of the old functionality of Nano G5.

iPod Nano G7 Overview

A brief description of the functions of the iTrackPad and touch screen.

iPod Nano G7 Overview

iPod Nano G7 Video/Camera and Dock Connector functionality.

iPod Touch Color

iPod Touch Color rendering


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